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about me.

I have always been passionate about makeup. It has always inspired me. However, as I entered adulthood, my life's journey took me away from my passion. I went on to become an accounting professional and worked as a CPA for over 15 years. Yet, deep inside, I never forgot my true calling, my passion for makeup. So, in 2013, I changed my career and put myself through formal makeup & hairstyling training at the MUD Academy in New York City.


Now I get to work in makeup and hairstyling, a field that I truly love! I get to do makeup & hairstyling for my wonderful clients…be a part of their special occasions. I love working with other talented, creative artists in various fields and create beautiful work. Makeup can never be a substitute for inner beauty. However, properly done makeup can give amazing confidence to women. I look at the art of makeup as something that accentuates the God given inner beauty and helps women feel confident and look their best.

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